Non-Cis Character Database

This is intended to be a database of any and all canon (or heavily implied to be canon) trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, intersex, and/or otherwise non-cis characters in Japanese pop media (anime, manga, video games, etc). A more complete introduction to and explanation of the project as a whole can be found here.

[WARNING: this page contains unmarked spoilers. Please read at your own risk.]

  • If a character or piece of media is listed without a quality assessment, I am not personally familiar with the media in question yet. I’ll get to it!
  • If there is a question mark after a character’s gender, it’s not made clear in the text, and the gender listed is my best guess.
  • A bracketed name means I discuss the character in question to some extent, but they’re not officially part of the database. Generally, these characters are gender non-conforming.
  • This list is as complete as I’ve been able to make it, but it’s always a work in progress — if you have any suggestions for characters to add, please tell me!
  • Everything is subject to change at any time, especially when it comes to characters I haven’t written profiles of yet.
Media NameCharacter NameGenderQuality of Representation
1bitheartShitara YakumoTrans Female
Ai no ShintairikuSara NikotamaTrans Female
Akiba’s BeatKanata SaotomeTrans Female?
Alice in BorderlandHikari KuinaTrans Female
Angel SanctuaryArachne
Belial/Mad Hatter
Trans Female
Asobi AsobaseTsugumi AozoraTrans Female?
Astra: Lost in SpaceLuca EspositoIntersex MaleGood
Attack on TitanHange ZoëNonbinaryFairly Good
Battle Angel Alita: Last OrderSechsTrans MaleGood
Black ButlerGrell SutcliffTransfeminine Nonbinary?
Black JackKei KisaragiTrans Male?Fairly Bad
Blue PeriodRyuji “Yuka” AyukawaNonbinaryFairly Good
Bokura no HentaiMarika AokiTrans Female
Boys Run the RiotRyo Watari
Trans Male
BREAK THE BORDER ~rebirth of ECHOES~Sei IgarashiTrans Male
Cardcaptor SakuraRuby Moon/Nakuru AkizukiNonbinary/Agender
Carole and TuesdayDahlia Carpenter
Mermaid Sisters
Trans Female
Fairly Bad
Catcher in the RhymeUtsugiTrans Female
CatherineErica AndersonTrans Female
Chivalry of a Failed KnightNagi “Alice” ArisuinTrans FemaleFairly Good (anime), Bad (light novel)
Chrono TriggerFlea/MayonneNonbinaryFairly Bad
ClaudineClaude de MontesseTrans Male
Corpse Party; MusumeMiyu ShinoharaTransfeminine Nonbinary?Fairly Bad
Cowboy Bebop[Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV]
[Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener]
Marilyn (Hajime Yatate Manga)
[Androgynous Cis Female?]

[Intersex Male?]

Trans Female
DANKIRA!!! Boys, be DANCING!Ageha KurenaiNonbinary/Transfeminine
Dark SoulsGwyndolinTrans Female?
Deadman WonderlandChaplin SukegawaTrans Female
DevilmanSatanIntersex NonbinaryQuestionable
Dirty PairLilis JoancaTrans FemaleGood
DorohedoroTurkeyTrans Female
DororoDororoTrans Male?Bad (manga), Questionable (anime)
Double HouseMahoTrans Female
Dr. STONEFrancoisNonbinary/AgenderGood
Ensemble StarsArashi Narukami
Natsume Sakasaki
Trans Male?
Family CompoShion Wakanae
Sora Wakanae
Yukari Wakanae
Trans Male
Trans Female
Fate/ SeriesChevalier d’Eon
Leonardo da Vinci
Qin Shi Huang
Trans Female
Trans Male
Trans Female
Fire PunchTogataTrans MaleGood
Fullmetal AlchemistEnvyNonbinary/Agender
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte CristoPeppoTrans Female?Fairly Good
Gatchaman CROWDSBerg-Katze
[Ninomiya Rui]
[Gender-Ambiguous Male]
[Femme Cis Male]
Genkaku PicassoJeanne HishidaTrans FemaleFairly Good
God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!: Legend of CrimsonSylviaIntersex Trans Female?Fairly Bad
Golden KamuyKano IenagaTrans FemaleBad
Granblue FantasyBalurga
Trans Male
Trans Female
Trans Female
Gugure! Kokkuri-sanInugamiNonbinaryFairly Good
Heaven’s Design TeamKanamori/VenusTrans Female?
Hell’s Paradise: JigokurakuShijaNonbinary/UnconfirmedFairly Good
The House in Fata MorganaMichel BollingerIntersex Trans Male
Hunter x HunterAlluka Zoldyck
[Kalluto Zoldyck]
Trans Female
[Femme Cis Male]
Fairly Good
I Wanna Be Your GirlAkira YonezawaTrans Female
Ice RevolutionNaoTrans Female
IDOLiSH7Kaoru AnesagiTrans Female
InnocentChevalier d’Eon
Zèro Sanson
Fairly Good
Interspecies ReviewersCrimvaelIntersex NonbinaryBad
Ixion Saga DTMariandale
Trans Female
[Masc Cis Female?]
Fairly Good
J no SubeteJTrans Female
Japan Sinks: 2020KiteTrans Male?Good
Jujutsu KaisenUraumeNonbinary/Unconfirmed
Kaitou QueenQueenNonbinary
Kino’s JourneyKinoNonbinary
Komi Can’t CommunicateOsana NajimiNonbinary
Level EKyoko MikihisaTrans Male
Liar GameYuji FukunagaTrans Female
Love ComSeiko KotobukiTrans Female
Love Me For Who I AmMei Tatebayashi
Ryuunosuke Mogumo
Satori Iwaoka
Trans Female
Trans Female
Made in AbyssNanachiNonbinaryFairly Good
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikersOttoTrans Female?
Magical Girl SiteKiyoharu SuirenjiTrans FemaleQuestionable
MairunovichFutou “Fuwari” KoutsugiTrans Female
Maria Watches Over UsKintarou “Alice” ArisugawaTrans Female
Mascara Blues, “To Be Myself — A Long Dream”HikaruTrans FemaleGood
Mermaid Line, “Ayumi and Aika”Aika MakiTrans FemaleGood
The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of MemoriesJ.J. MacfieldTrans Female
Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kunYuu KashimaNonbinary?Fairly Good…?
Moriarity the PatriotJames BondTrans Male
My Hero AcademiaKenji Hikiishi/Magne
Yawara Chatora
Trans Female
Trans Male
Nabari no OuYoiteIntersex Male
NarutoOrochimaruNonbinaryFairly Bad
NieR RepliCantKainéIntersex Female
No. 6Inukashi/DogkeeperNonbinary
No BraYuki NomuraTrans Female
One PieceBentham “Mr. 2 Bon Clay”
Trans Female
Trans Male?
Our Dreams at DuskMisora Shuji
Natsuyoshi Utsumi
Trans Male
Our Demon King Doesn’t BiteLois BennettTrans Female?Bad
Ouran High School Host ClubHaruhi Fujioka
[Ryoji “Ranka” Fujioka]
[Femme Cis Male]
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year DoorVivianTrans Female
Paradise KissIsabella YamamotoTrans Female
Pokémon X/YBeauty NovaTrans FemaleFairly Good
Princess KnightSapphireNonbinary/GenderfluidFairly Good…?
PriParaHibiki ShikyoinNonbinary
Project SekaiMizuki AkiyamaNonbinary
SaiyukiKanzeon BousatsuIntersex Trans Female
Samurai 8: The Tale of HachimaruNanashiNonbinaryFairly Good…?
Samurai Deeper KyoAkariTrans Female
Sazanami CherryUmi Takano
[Ren Takano]
Trans Female
[Femme Cis Male?]
Fairly Good
Sengoku RanceRyouma SakamotoIntersex NonbinaryFairly Bad
Trans Female
Trans Female
Shugo Chara!Nagihiko/Nadeshiko FujisakiNonbinary/Genderfluid?
Sorcerous Stabber OrphenStephanieTrans Female
Soul EaterCronaNonbinary
Stars AlignYu AsukaNonbinary
Steins;GateLuka UrushibaraTrans FemaleQuestionable
Stop!! Hibari-kunHibari Oozora
Gekijirou Taiga
Trans Female
Trans Male
Super LoversKiyoka TakamoriTrans Female
Trans Female
Trans Female
[Female? Homunculus]
Fairly Good
Takane and HanaRino InokumaTrans Female
Tamako MarketKaoru HanaseTrans Female?Good
TekkenLeo KliesenTransmasculine Nonbinary?Fairly Good…?
Tiger and BunnyNathan Seymour/Fire EmblemNonbinaryQuestionable
To Strip the FleshChiaki OgawaTrans MaleFairly Good
Tokyo GhoulBig Madam
[Toru Mutsuki]
[Karren “Kanae” von Rosewald]
Trans Female
[Masc Cis Female?]
[Masc Cis Female]
Tokyo GodfathersHanaTrans FemaleFairly Good
Trigun MaximumElendira the CrimsonnailTrans Female
Tsubomi, “Cotton Candy Love”Chiaki TabataTrans FemaleGood
Umineko: When They CryLion Ushiromiya
Sayo Yasuda
Trans Female?
Vinland SagaCordeliaTrans Female
Wandering SonMako Ariga
Shuuichi Nitori
Yuki Yoshida
[Yoshino Takatsuki]
Trans Female
Trans Female
Trans Female
[Masc Cis Female?]
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kunOperaNonbinary/Unconfirmed
Witch’s HeartNoel LevineTrans Male?
Wonder Egg PriorityMomoe Sawaki
Trans Female?
Trans Male
Fairly Good…?
A Year of SpringsHaruTrans FemaleGood
You’re Under ArrestAoi FutabaTrans Female
YuureitouTetsuo Sawamura
Taichi Amano
Marube Doukurou
Trans Male
Fairly Good
Yu Yu HakushoMiyukiTrans Female
Zombie CherryRio HasegawaTrans FemaleGood
Zombieland SagaLily HoshimiyaTrans FemaleGood

Nonhuman Biology

Characters whose circumstances/biology are impossible for a real-world human in ways that affect their gender identity and presentation. While the quality of representation obviously can’t be assessed the same way it would be for the above characters, these depictions are still written by humans familiar with human gender, and therefore colored by said familiarity. The focus will be less “is this a good depiction?” and more “what does this depiction of gender/biology show about the creator’s understanding of human gender?”

Media NameCharacter NameGender/Biology/Circumstances
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.Saiki KusuoUnconsciously changed his gender using his psychic powers one or more times while in the womb
Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!Soji Mitsuka/Tail RedNormally cis male, female-bodied as a Twintail Warrior
Hell’s Paradise: JigokurakuTensenImmortal sages who can switch between being physically male and female through energy manipulation
Hunter x HunterKiteOriginally cis male before dying and being reborn in a female body
KämpferNatsuru SenoNormally cis male, female-bodied as a Kämpfer
Kara no KyoukaiShiki Ryougi/SHIKITwo artificially induced personalities sharing a female body, one male and one female
Knights of SidoniaIzana ShinatoseSexually undifferentiated, can become permanently male or female after finding a partner
Land of the LustrousGemsSexless gemstone people
Magical Girl Raising ProjectSouta Kishibe/La PucelleNormally cis male, female-bodied as a magical girl
Magical Trans!Akira Asaba
Minami Maki
Normally male-bodied, female-bodied as magical girls
Mazinger ZBaron AshuraLiterally half male, half female, split down the middle
One PieceEmporio “Iva” Ivankov
Can switch between being physically male and female by altering hormones
Ranma 1/2Ranma SaotomeAMAB and identifies as male, can switch between being physically male and female
SimounEveryoneEveryone is born female and chooses a permanent sex at 17
So I’m a Spider, So What?Karnatia Seri Anabald/Kanata OoshimaOriginally cis male before being reborn in another world in a female body
They Were 11!Frolbericheri FrolSexually undifferentiated, receives hormones to become permanently male or female upon reaching adulthood
TouhouToyosatomimi no MikoOriginally the historical figure Prince Shotoku before being reborn in another world in a female body