Non-Cis Character Database: Innocent

Let's start with the obvious: yes, Innocent is extremely reminiscent of Rose of Versailles. They're both historical fiction set during the rule of Louis XV and the French Revolution, with a particular focus on Versailles, starring a combination of real historical figures and ones either invented wholecloth or embellished so much they'd might as well … Continue reading Non-Cis Character Database: Innocent


Non-Cis Character Database: Tokyo Ghoul

[NOTE: This post has some images containing gore. Also, it seems as though there are a few different common romanizations of the names in Tokyo Ghoul; I'll be going with the names as they're spelled in the official Shonen Jump app translation, since it's what I read and what I'm using for screencaps.] I'll be … Continue reading Non-Cis Character Database: Tokyo Ghoul