Devilminutia: Name Meanings

(I'm going to be using the heading Devilminutia for short posts discussing the minutia of Devilman - things that don't quite have enough substance for a proper piece, but are still worth pointing out and discussing.) Because of the nuances of kanji, there are both a lot of ways to write Japanese names and a … Continue reading Devilminutia: Name Meanings


Shin Devilman, More Like SHIT Devilman

Let me be honest: I am not fond of Shin Devilman. For those blissfully unaware, Shin is a one-volume spinoff of the original manga drawn by Go Nagai and written by his novelist brother Yasutaka, serialized from 1979-1981, in which Akira and Ryo travel through time and confront demons in various historical contexts. Unfortunately, it's … Continue reading Shin Devilman, More Like SHIT Devilman