On Satan, Gender, and Representation

Part I - Angelic Identity Politics In Devilman, Satan is physically intersex. They're shown to have both breasts and a penis, and in the manga, they explicitly refer to themself as "both male and female." This is a clear, objective statement of fact. What one chooses to make of that fact, however, is a little … Continue reading On Satan, Gender, and Representation


“You know I’m a…”: On the Value of Liberal Translation

This post contains major spoilers for every iteration of Devilman. Devilman completed serialization in 1973, and didn't receive an official English translation until 2018, meaning that for approximately 50 years, the only version available to people who didn't speak Japanese (and even those who did, but couldn't get their hands on copies of the original) … Continue reading “You know I’m a…”: On the Value of Liberal Translation