Non-Cis Character Database: Chiaki Ogawa (To Strip the Flesh)

I was unsure whether or not to bother writing about To Strip the Flesh, a short story by Oto Toda originally published in Shonen Jump+. Or rather, I wasn't going to write about it -- there wasn't an English translation anywhere, and as long-time readers may be aware, I tend to find media explicitly about … Continue reading Non-Cis Character Database: Chiaki Ogawa (To Strip the Flesh)


Non-Cis Character Database: Yuureitou

[WARNING: There's a mildly NSFW image in this one, because that's the kind of manga this is. Just nudity.] ...okay, I'm fully cheating with this one. There are only two criteria for this database: that there's strong textual evidence that the character or characters in question aren't cisgender, and that the media isn't specifically about … Continue reading Non-Cis Character Database: Yuureitou

Non-Cis Character Database: Togata (Fire Punch)

If you keep up with Shonen Jump -- or with the contemporary manga scene in general really, especially in the action-horror genre -- you've probably heard of Chainsaw Man. What you might not know (I didn't) is that Chainsaw Man isn't the first series Tatsuki Fujimoto had published in Jump. It was preceded by Fire … Continue reading Non-Cis Character Database: Togata (Fire Punch)

Non-Cis Character Database: Dororo

Usually, if I'm writing about a manga that got adapted into an anime, or media that otherwise has several different iterations, I focus on whichever one I'm personally most familiar with -- usually manga, because I can read much more quickly than I can watch. This is perfectly fine when adaptations hew closely to the … Continue reading Non-Cis Character Database: Dororo